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  • Art & Culture
    Enzo Capua(August 28, 2018)
    Jazz music was born over a hundred years ago in the slums of New Orleans thanks to the melting pot of races, ethnicities, lifestyles, styles of talking that Louisiana’s great port city represented.
  • Italian saxophone player Ada Rovatti
    Art & Culture
    Giada Gramanzini(June 27, 2018)
    On the occasion of her performance on June 25 at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, the internationally renowned Italian musician Ada Rovatti tells about her career from the very first steps to her best achievements
  • Art & Culture
    N. C.(June 14, 2018)
    Ada Rovatti is coming to New York City's Italian Cultural Institute June 25 for a free concert event!
  • Raphael Gualazzi during his Eurovision Song Contest show
    Raphael Gualazzi is so Italian and–at the same time–so extraordinarily global for his music. Born in 1981, Raphael is a singer-songwriter who exported Italian vibes across the world. I’m proud to introduce Raphael Gualazzi as our second guest on “Francesco Foderà’s Italian Sound.”
  • Enrico Rava, Tomasz Stanko e Reuben Rogers
    Un tributo ad un pezzo di storia del jazz mondiale, ad un’altra icona sacra viene dedicata una serata in cui la protagonista assoluta è la tromba.“The Champ to Dizzy”, l’omaggio italiano, nell’occasione del centenario della sua nascita, a Dizzy Gillespie, il più grande trombettista dell’era del bepop.
  • The double bass
    People often view the double bass as an awkward and grouchy member of the group. But with its noble origin, it is essential to the sound of a jazz band. Without the double bass as a point of reference, the other instruments would be lost.
  • Il contrabbasso
    Troppo spesso il contrabbasso viene considerato un personaggio ingombrante e di poca importanza per la musica jazz. Eppure è uno strumento - di origini nobili e antiche - fondamentale per il sound dei brani.
  • I recently got to know Laura Campisi, a wonderful musician from Palermo, who now lives in New York. Laura is an award winning songwriter and jazz singer. She performs a wide range of music: jazz, folk, r&b and traditional Sicilian music. On Monday, June 13, Laura will be performing Italian Jazz at Zinc Bar in the West Village. This particular show is about creating abridge between contemporary Italy and the United States. Laura and I recently sat down for a chat about music, inspiration and her current projects.
  • Events: Reports
    I. I.(June 02, 2016)
    One of the most precocious talents in the history of jazz. When he was barely nine years old Francesco took his first steps, playing with internationally acclaimed musicians. Meeting Wynton Marsalis in 2002 at Pescara Jazz Festival was a turning point in Francesco’s career.
  • Two years ago I began writing this jazz column for i-ItalyNY for two reasons: the honor of having been asked to work with such an esteemed publication and the desire to extend my knowledge of American and Italian jazz to casual listeners.