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Only 10 Percent of Americans Love to Cook... Oh My!

Futurist Eddie Yoon shared alarming data at a panel discussion with the Gotha of Italian specialty food in New York: younger generations want to cook less and less, in 20 years they won’t probably even drive to a restaurant but they will prefer to have their meals delivered at home, and they want to be fed as quickly as possible without waiting or staying in line. Is it real? Is the food industry ready for this? The panelists of Italian Table Talks, organized by Gruppo Italiano at the NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, had different thoughts about it.

Elena Favilli, Rebel Girl With a Mission

When you hear the story of Elena Favilli and how she got to publish her series of books Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, two things come to your mind: first, she might as well be featured in one of these best-sellers dedicated to strong female role models, secondly, everybody, even boys, should get to know and appreciate the fearless women portrayed in these books, a literary phenomenon that over three years has been translated into 48 languages (the Chinese version will be released soon) and sold about 4 million copies.

Roger Cohen: Nationalists in Italy and US? I Believe in the Power of Democracy

The New York Times columnist can be both passionate and rational when he talks about two countries that he loves, Italy and the US. Although in these nations “things can sometimes go to hell,” he firmly believes in the strengths of democratic institutions and therefore in a better future: “America is an idea or it is nothing.”

To TAV or Not to TAV, That is the Question

To TAV or not to TAV -- that is the question. Turin and its Alpine valleys are settings for demonstrations both for and against, in an issue that divides the government, and risks bringing costly EU sanctions down upon Italy's head.

ACCOUNTING TODAY. Important Tax Update on QBI and Trusts

The Tax Cut & Jobs Act of 2017 provided a new Section 199A deduction on qualified business income for certain pass through entities (sole proprietorships, partnerships & S corps). This deduction, which is generally 20% of QBI with certain limitations, is temporary and expires at the end of tax year 2025.

Rome, Among World's Cities Safest From Violent Crime

News from a top Italian prosecutor that Rome is among Europe's safest cities has resounded beyond Italy. In the Eternal City the number of intentional homicides has fallen by half. But other problems persist, from corruption to cocaine.

1938: Diversi Premiers in the US on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Immediately following International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019 premiere in the United States at the Embassy of Italy

Remembrance Day and the Fear of the "Others"

For a decade, the Consulate general has organized this annual public reading to remember the about 3000 people who were forced to leave Italy often among indifference. We asked people and authorities who attended the commemoration why it is important to remember. “Not to repeat” was the common response. Yet the fear of the “others” and indifference seem still present beyond the rhetoric.

We Need More Ecological Bridges

Recent studies have shown the detrimental consequences on the environment, especially because impoverishing the fauna and flora. The transition between the fragmented areas becomes very difficult and dangerous for animals, from the smallest of the insect to the bigger mammal. In Italy we have some great examples of bridges and ecological passages for the benefit of the environment

Remembrance Day in NYC. May We Never Forget

The Consulate is joined by the Italian Cultural Institute, Centro Primo Levi, the Italian Academy at Columbia University, la Scuola d'Italia, CUNY’s John D. Calandra Italian American Institute and the NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò to commemorate the victims of the Shoah.

Throughout Italy, Holocaust Remembrance Day is Honored

Designated by the UN General Assembly in 2005, International Holocaust Remembrance Day Jan. 27 marks the 74th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi concentration camps. Events honoring the Shoah take place throughout Italy, from Palermo to Turin.

Living in Sambuca where Houses Cost Like an Espresso

The possibility of buying a house in the scenic Sicilian town of Sambuca for about $1 made headlines in many outlets, from CNN Travel, which broke the news, to The New York Post and The Guardian. Within 48 hours of the story being spread, local officials have been inundated with tens of thousands of inquiries from people hoping to buy their piece of rural Italy. But what is it like living there as an outsider? We talked with journalist Paola Caridi who moved there in 2008 after 12 years in the Middle East.

Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of NY, Inc. Celebrates Matera: European Capital of Culture 2019

The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc. (IHCC-NY, Inc.) announced that its members voted enthusiastically for this year’s annual theme to celebrate Matera: European Capital of Culture 2019

ACCOUNTING TODAY.. Critical Tax Points for Funds

Given affairs in the Capital, we assume that no tax legislation will be enacted the rest of this year and that the prospects for technical corrections for the numerous unartfully drafted provisions of the New Law are poor.

Meet the Future Top Chefs

No culinary TV show could match the enthusiasm of both participants and public at the final round of the first-ever Colavita Culinary Challenge that took place at the Food and Finance High School (FFHS), the only culinary high school in New York City.

'Michael 50', Schumacher Exhibition Opens Today

Maranello, 3 January 2019– Fans and representatives of Scuderia Ferrari Clubs from all over Europe are flocking to the Ferrari Museum today for the opening of the 'Michael 50' exhibition on the occasion of the champion's 50th birthday.

ACCOUNTING TODAY. Business Meals and Entertainment Deductions

Many businesses still have questions regarding meal and entertainment expenses. Is the company holiday party fully deductible? How about meals and beverages at sporting events?

Consul General Genuardi in New Jersey for the Holiday Wishes

Meeting the Italian community and honorary Consul, Dominic Caruso in Clifton (NJ)

Franco Maria Ricci: Labirinto della Masone

If you are in the mood to get lost in beauty, there is a place in Italy where you can do that. It’s called Labirinto della Masone.

A New Way To Fly for Alitalia

Alitalia Relaunch. Fabio Maria Lazzerini, Chief Business Officer, met the press at ENIT-Italian National Tourist Board in New York. Talking about the present situation of the Italian airline company and future business developments, the key words are: heading in the right direction. One of the news: Alitalia is launching Washington-Rome route