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  • Valeria Golino, always a diva on the red carpet
    Art & Culture
    Chiara Basso(December 12, 2018)
    Interview with the actress and director who presented in New York her second directorial effort, Euphoria. She talks about women and cinema in Italy and confides a desire: winning one day the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival in France. "It took me a long time to do what I wanted to do," she says, "not because I found it difficult as a woman. The problem came from within: I would call it self-censorship."
  • Arte e Cultura
    Chiara Basso(December 10, 2018)
    Intervista con l'attrice e regista che ha presentato a New York il secondo film da lei diretto, Euforia. Si racconta, parla delle donne ed il cinema, ci confida un suo desiderio: vincere la Palma d’Oro come Regista a Cannes."Ci ho messo molto tempo a fare quello che avrei voluto fare", dice, "non perché ho trovato difficoltà esterne in quanto donna. Il problema veniva da dentro: da donna mi autocensuravo".
  • Il fischio al naso (The Seventh Floor). 1967. Italy. Directed by Ugo Tognazzi.
    Tragedies of a Ridiculous Man. A retrospective that spans his four-decade career- (December 5–30, 2018 - The Museum of Modern Art)
  • Art & Culture
    I. I.(November 15, 2018)
    Monica Vitti enchanted cinema and the public. She is perhaps the last great Italian diva, an actress who provoked sympathy and emotion in both cinephiles and the general public. She united the two separate souls of Italian film, auteurist cinema and la Commedia all’italiana.
  • In occasione dei 500 anni dalla scomparsa del genio rinascimentale anteprima, alla Morgan Library di New York, del film "Being Leonardo da Vinci" di Massimiliano Finazzer Flory (9 ottobre 2018). Chi può non manchi di assistere poi, nel corso della sfilata del Columbus Day sulla Fifth Avenue, ad una rievocazione storica in costume (8 ottobre 2018)
  • A new generation of directors and actors bring to the screen stories that were unthinkable just years ago and which now are appealing to both the public and critics. The results of this renaissance for Italian filmmaking were evident at the 71st edition of the Cannes International Film Festival. Cinecittà is proud to announce the success of Italian films worldwide and the arrival of Open Roads: New Italian Cinema film festival in New York City May 31.
  • As February celebrates African-American History Month, Director Fred “Kudjo” Kuwornu will present his documentary, "Blaxploitalian 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema,” at the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco on February 20th. The documentary uncovers and analyzes the personal struggles African Americans, and actors of African descent face in the film industry.