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  • Interview with Chief executive officer di Cinecittà Studios spa, Giuseppe Basso. The Mecca of international film in the 50’s, once again attracts foreign productions, particularly American. And now Cinecittà is ready. A lot of producers want to support projects filmed directly in English. This will bring a big change
  • Events: Reports
    A. V.(May 20, 2015)
    A photographic exhibition of 30 rare images (30x40” B/W and color prints) of Michelangelo Antonioni, during the shooting of one of his last documentaries (Sicily, 1997).
  • Sworn Virgin by Italian director Laura Bispuri won the 2015 Nora Ephron Prize at the 14th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival. The film tells the story of Mark, an Albanian man, who used to be a girl until she vowed chastity and to wear male clothing in order to live as a man in patriarchal northern Albanian society. Laura Bispuri answered some questions.
  • 41 Parallelo takes its name from the common latitude of Naples and New York, and this year it pays homage to two of the most iconic and beloved Italian directors of all times: Francesco Rosi, with an event on Fenruary 5th and Vittoria DeSica, with an event on February 12.
  • N.I.C.E, New Italian Cinema Events is heading back to the US for a new exciting series of contemporary Italian cinema. Year after year, the festival, now its 24th edition, brings around the world Italian films made by young directors at their first or second experience. This is an important opportunity for new Italian promising directors to have their talent recognized outside the borders of their home country.
  • The American editions of Le Conversazioni take place in New York in the auditorium of The Morgan Library and Museum. Through the leitmotiv underlying theme of the scenes that make up their life, cultural figures are invited to debate the yearly subject and, in general, their own creative activities. That of 2014 is the ninth edition of Le Conversazioni, a traveling festival that takes place in the beautiful island of Capri, in New York and, for the first time this year, in Rome.
  • Blaxploitalian, by Italian Ghanaian director and activist Fred Kudjo Kuwornu, is a documentary that puts itself on the path of different waves of pioneers of African descent who, since the beginning of the 1900s, have worked in Italian Cinema.