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    A, G.(March 07, 2013)
    The City of Science, located in the western part of the city of Naples, Bagnoli neighborhood, was lost on Monday to a fire that has destroyed every pavilion, leaving only the perimeter walls standing. The causes of the fire are still unknown and the investigators are suspecting a malicious intent behind the action.
  • Pino Daniele - "Melodramma" - Primo Inedito Estratto da "La Grande Madre" - Official Video
    Interview with the musician about his latest album, La Grande Madre [The Great Mother], which combines the blues and Mediterranean music. “Italy is the center of the Mediterranean. Its culture has not only been affected over time and influenced by Arab as well as African and European music, but also by the blues and American music.” Pino Daniele will be in New York (Apollo Theatre, June 7), Boston (Berklee Performance Center, June 9), and Washington, DC (Jazz Festival, June 10).
  • It travels at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour between Milan, Rome and Naples. The new high-speed train is a welcomed novelty featuring innovative features, exclusive customer service and valuable traveling time. Most of all: it does not belong to the monopolistic, state-supported company 'Ferrovie dello Stato'. Is Italy finally going to open up to market competition in such a strategic sector as railway transportation?
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    Francesca Giuliani(April 25, 2012)
    Fratelli La Bufala comes to New York on Broadway and 76th Street after 110 openings around the world. The brand has come a long way since its inception in 2003, when the “brothers” opened their first restaurant in Naples. i-Italy met two of them before the grand opening next Friday.