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Articles by: Francesca Giuliani

  • Born in Chiaravalle, Italy, in 1870, Montessori would have turned 142 on Friday. Google celebrated this special anniversary with a themed homepage Doodle featuring some of the basic toys and tools the Montessori educational method uses to create child-friendly, grade-free and hands-on learning environments, regardless of age differences among the pupils. The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc. celebrated last year its 34th annual Italian Heritage and Culture Month with the theme: “A Tribute to Dr. Maria Montessori: An Internationally Renowned Educator and Physician.”
  • Senator Stefano Pedica posted on his Facebook page a list of the 100 Italian members of the Parliament who have been in office for the longest time. The politicians in the list, as Pedica stated, “have witnessed the growth of Italy’s public debt to EUR 2,000 billion.” A signature gathering to limit the eligibility of MPs after 3 terms of being in service was announced yesterday.
  • An alternative version of the traditional San Gennaro street fair, "Via Del Popolo" will take place from September 13 to 23 on Mulberry Street between Houston and Prince. The project aims at bringing the concept of the street festival back to its roots, reimagining the block as a public piazza and art exhibition. A conversation with Monsignor Donald Sakano, Pastor of the Basilica of Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral on Mulberry Street.
  • A vital time of experimentation, the Thirties were a prelude to the modern era, with a syncretism of styles and the emergence of design and mass communication. The influence of the regime and the tensions between tradition and modernity will be the focus of the exhibition “The Thirties. The Arts in Italy Beyond Fascism,” that will take place at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence from September 22 to January 27.
  • “Amerigo to America: the Legacy of Italians in the Americas” is the title chosen by the Italian Heritage & Culture Committee of New York for this year's Italy Culture Month. Events and symposia will start in September and go through December, paving the way for the official start of the 2013 celebrations for the “Year of the Italian Culture in the United States.” President of the IH&CC NY Joseph Sciame tells i-Italy about the initiative.
  • The Turin and Langhe-Roero areas in Piedmont were the focus of ENIT’s latest event on July 17. The outreach to the American tourism sector operators presented the audience with information on Piedmont’s capital city, Turin, a full-fledged European metropolis after the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, and on the Langhe-Roero hills with their 1,000 wine cellars. Along with representatives from Piedmont’s institutions, world record quick-change artist Arturo Brachetti, a native from Turin, was present at the event as a cultural ambassador for his region and city.
  • Italian American Relief is a website opened by NIAF to fundraise for the victims of the Emilia-Romagna earthquakes. It also represents a new way of organizing relief efforts in the Italian-American community, as it invites all the groups the community is fragmented in to join forces and share the campaign, maximizing its impact. In an exclusive interview, i-Italy spoke with NIAF’s Chief Operating Officer John Viola about the project
  • Giovane Caravaggio - Clip
    The controversial study “Young Caravaggio – One Hundred Rediscovered Works” published by art historians Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz and Adriana Conconi Fedrigolli is dividing the scientific community. The claims of the research, that attributes to young Merisi 83 drawings from the Peterzano Collection for a total value of €700 million, are being challenged by the statements from the collection’s curator Francesca Rossi, who told AP that the experts have never stepped foot in the Sforzesco Castle where the drawings are kept, and only worked on photographs.
  • Sergio Pininfarina died overnight on July 3 at age 86. A master of Made in Italy design, Pininfarina is the man behind the international success of Carrozzeria Pinin Farina, the family bodywork shop opened in the 1930s that became the world’s most influential car design atelier.