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Articles by: Natasha Lardera

  • No matter what, all over Abruzzo, at the seaside, in the mountains, in the hills and even beyond the protected areas, nature is always the protagonist and an incredible opportunity to practice sports
  • The solo exhibit Hope by Laura Fantini is on display, now through April 29th, at Queens Botanical Garden. The Brooklyn- based Italian artist, presents a body of work that includes drawings from her latest series of drawings, which is based exclusively on seeds.
  • All photos by Jonathan Slaff
    “Follies in Titus” was inspired by Shakespeare's “Titus Andronicus.' Devised and directed by Dario D'Ambrosi (Teatro Patologico, Pathological Theater), and performed by actors with disabilities from La Magia del Teatro, the play is the retelling of the tragedy of a fictitious general told through the voices of the patients of a psychiatric hospital. Playing at La MaMa
  • The Blue Bus Project: Making Socially Conscious Art on the Streets. This school bus doesn't take you to a classroom, but it comes to you. It comes to your neighborhood to provide a safe space for artists and communities to merge, while cultivating self-worth, social expression, imagination and creativity.
  • Orecchiette with cime di rapa
    Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    Natasha Lardera(September 02, 2017)
    The cuisine in Apulia is healthy, based on homemade pastas and cheeses, fresh vegetables, seafood and local olive oil. Its sunny location provides the ideal conditions for the cultivation of flavorful fruits, vegetables and viticulture. Apulian cuisine is healthy, based on homemade pastas and cheeses, fresh vegetables, seafood and local olive oil
  • Rock guitarist Simon Hanes
    On Tuesday, January 10th, Tredici Bacci will be playing a showcase at The Standard East Village Penthouse (25 Cooper Square). The concert, which is free of charge, has already been defined “an Italian soundtrack-obsessed evening of music” led by a 28 year old classical composer and punk rock guitarist named Simon Hanes. Simon’s obsessed with all things Morricone, Spaghetti Western, and classic Italian film soundtracks from the 1960’s/1970’s.
  • Rome New Years Eve
    Tips on how to invite money and fortune, on how to keep the evil spirits at bay and welcome the good, ones, what to wear, what to eat and do. Italians respect traditions not only because they work but also because they are cost effective.
  • Although in Italy the December holiday season is commonly called "Christmas Holidays", its traditions are far from being merely religious.Christian, pagan and lay themes are indeed strictly interwoven. This is visible even in the Presepe (Crèche), whose origins go back to St. Francis who staged the first living Nativity Scene back in 1223.
  • Lisette Carmi nel suo studio a Cisternino, Puglia. © Massimiliano Morabito
    Quando guarda al passato, Lisetta Carmi afferma, a quasi 93 anni, di non aver vissuto solo una vita, ma ben cinque. Il disegno fatto dalla sua guida spirituale, Babaji Herakhan Baba, che la ritrae ha in effetti predetto la verità. Ciascuna delle sue facce, circondata da fiori di loto, rappresenta una vita diversa, a partire da quella della musicista, per poi proseguire con quella della fotografa, di guida spirituale, di musicista rinata, e di osservatrice silenziosa. Principalmente, Lisetta Carmi è conosciuta per la sua vita di fotografa, il cui lavoro è stato paragonato, fin dai primi scatti, a quello di Henri Cartier-Bresson.