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    (February 13, 2008)
    Italy's top female singer-songwriter Carmen Consoli to play concert halls in New York, DC and Boston
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    Natasha Lardera(January 31, 2008)
    A new CD is out there for all those who like Italian music, Zucchero’s All the Best, a 15-song anthology that features old favorites and new tracks. The album achieved platinum sales in Italy within the first two weeks of its release, and is ready to capture the US market as well.
  • Mythology was in the air at Vinicio Capossela’s concert a few nights ago. That doesn’t really happen at Webster Hall, location of the fifth edition of Global Fest. Sure many international artists grace its stages but none is like Capossela. Not to belittle anyone, but that’s the way it is
  • Alessandro Carrera (born in Lodi, Italy) is a major authority on Bob Dylan. He has translated Dylan’s songs and autobiography into Italian and in 2001 he published a passionate essay called La voce di Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan’s Voice).Some of his more recent Dylan essays are collected in a book that accompanies the Italian DVD release of “I’m Not There,” Todd Haynes’ cinematic analysis of the Bob Dylan phenomenon...
  • In the third part of the interview, Giacomini elaborates on some of the technical aspects of operatic singing. A beautiful sound – according to the Italian tenor - is the one that is loaded with great emotion. The one that comes from your soul. This sound, however must also be produced with the discipline of the technique he reminds us. “Affondare” or “affondo” - these are the words that Giacomini uses to describe his technique, his particular way to project and support the sound from the lowest to the highest note. A real artist, though, not only sings well, but is also aware that each score and composer is different and requires a specific type of work to achieve the sounds that meet the needs of a particular work.
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    Gina Di Meo(October 08, 2007)
    You can’t say they are an army but they are close. I am talking about the Italians at the Metropolitan Opera, those both onstage and backstage of one of the most famous theaters in the world. Counting singers, conductors, assistants, musicians, productors, and designers, they are nearly 50, without considering those who in some ways have Italian origins.
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    Simona Frasca(September 24, 2007)
    La proiezione napoletana di "Closing Time", il documentario della giovane filmaker Veronica Diaferia sulla chiusura del negozio di Rossi a Mulberry Street, ha regalato alla città italiana uno degli eventi più intensi della sua storia perché le ha restituito il racconto della vicenda avventurosa dell'editore musicale Ernesto Rossi...