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  • Art & Culture
    Joey Skee(November 18, 2010)
    Introductory comments to the Calandra Institute’s November 5th symposium “Hybrid Moments: Independent Music in Italian America.”
  • Ilica is in its 7th year of activity. On November 10, 2010, they celebrate with illustrious guests: the talent of Cristiana Pegoraro, the vision of Anthony J. Tamburri, and the innovation of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce with Claudio Bozzo. Below you will find interview with Cristiana Pegoraro
  • La Trasparenza della Parola, Composed by Andrea Liberovici
    During the 4th International Symposium “New Voices on Primo Levi”, the Italian artist Andrea Liberovici will present his multimedia performance The Transparency of the Word, Cantata for Primo Levi. In an interview he tells us about the show's background together with some of his other projects and ideas
  • Art & Culture
    Julian Sachs(January 29, 2010)
    A month of opera reviewed: the new Carmen at the Met, Domingo and Verdi, and Zeffirelli's Turandot. Plus a look at the upcoming month at Lincoln Center and beyond
  • Life & People
    Simona Zecchi(October 21, 2009)
    The Italian singer Giada Valenti relates to us about her intimate relationship with her audience after her performance at the Dicapo Theathre. Giada defines Italian music and melodies as universal tools of communication with the ability to overcome linguistic barriers and connect both geographically distant people and tastes to each other
  • On Wednesday, October 28th 2009, the Commissione Giovani New York (CGNY) will host the first ever Young Italian Music Festival at the chic Hudson Terrace. The concert, from 8-10pm, will feature Italy’s current pop stars, as well as local Italian American performers. The evening will rejuvenate the idea of what Italian music is and the direction in which it is heading.