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  • In this difficult moment for Italy I have been asking myself what to do at first, as the Editor in chief of a magazine dedicated to Italy, Italian Americans and Americans who have an interest in Italy. Running a classical reportage from Rome, penning an editorial column, offering a personal comment? My choice in the end has been to let a younger member of our editorial staff tell how she felt yesterday when news about the fall of Italy's government reached her in New York. In the spirit of i-Italy--that of bridging past and present, in Italy and America--the emotions of our young collaborators are as relevant as the op-eds of so many influential commentators. These also will follow, of course, in the next days. (Letizia Airos)
  • On Thursday the Italian Senate passed the hastily redrafted emergency austerity budget. The situation, in a nutshell, is dire. Although Italy has the third largest economy in the Euro zone, its national debt has soared to $2.6 trillion, or 120% of its GDP. But pessimism is in the air, and the latest International Monetary Fund projection is that by the end of this year public debt will shoot up even further.
  • Prime Minister Berlusconi inaugurates his fourth term and announces his ministerial posts. The choices for his circle of 21 ministers reveal some predictable tactical determinations, while a few of his newbies have yet to prove their political value. No one can accuse the PM of having assembled a boring cast