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  • Art & Culture
    Monica Straniero(January 13, 2020)
    Gianni Amelio’s latest film tells the story of Bettino Craxi in the final months of his life. It’s not a partisan film, there are no absolutions, no condemnations, it’s the human drama of a king who has lost his scepter and now has to face himself. Pierfrancesco Favino transcends all limits in terms of presence, acting abilities and in replicating the voice and movements of the former Prime Minister.
  • Arte e Cultura
    Monica Straniero(January 10, 2020)
    Il nuovo film di Gianni Amelio racconta Bettino Craxi negli ultimi mesi di vita. Non è un film di parte, niente assoluzioni, niente condanne, ma un racconto di un dramma umano di un re che ha perso il suo scettro e si ritrova solo con se stesso. Un Pierfrancesco Favino oltre ogni limite di resa scenica ed attoriale per mimica e cadenza della voce, nel ruolo dell’allora Presidente del Consiglio.
  • The last episode of the famed series started by George Lucas in 1977 is not an easy film to absorb. You leave the theatre visually fulfilled but with the impression that director J.J. Abrams doesn’t have a clear notion of where the line between good and evil stands.
  • That’s the evocative title chosen for the retrospective exhibition on view in Rome’s Ara Pacis through May 2020. 30 years from his death and 90 from his birth, the show celebrates one of the most beloved filmmakers by the audiences of the past and present, revered by today’s directors.