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    Italy will participate this week at the NAFSA Association of International Educators education fair in the US. Thanks to the support of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation a special video was prepared for this occasion. You will follow John and Li in their journey. Visit the Italian pavilion!
  • NIAF invites you to celebrate our Italian heritage!
    A video presentation of the NIAF's 42nd Annual Gala
    Red, White and Green stands proud in the Red, White and Blue for the Italian “party of the year.” The National Italian American Foundation holds its annual Weekend Gala in Washington D.C., Nov. 3 to Nov. 5.
  • After the Japanese, Italians live longer than citizens anywhere in the world, according to a UN report released last month. A crucial reason is the Italian diet, with its roots in the past, which includes farmland owned by Michelangelo. Statistics show, moreover, that Italian food and wine exports earned the nation over $30 billion in 2014, or almost one-third more than just five years before.
  • Pizza makers from the Pizzeria Brandi in Naples designed a pizza to celebrate the Expo in Milan, to go with the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life." Pizza is the perfect choice, because it is an iconic food that reminds consumers of the importance of Italian agriculture. Pizzeria Brandi is also supposedly the place where Italy’s iconic margherita pizza was first created. Originally, pizza was known as a dish for poor people, sold in the street. The story goes that in June of 1889, to honor the Queen of the consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, the Neapolitan pizza maker Raffaele Esposito created “Pizza Margherita.
  • Italian Republic Day in New York. It kicked off the day before and the celebrations went on the whole day on June 2nd. Countless events marked the Italian National Day: offices and branches of all Italian institutions were open to all. And then Expo 2015, art, music, sport, tastings and the screening of the movie about Giacomo Matteotti.
  • As European elections loom, the rhetoric heats up. But public interest remains low even though the stakes are high. In the background are the continuing recession, judiciary evidence of corruption for Expo in Milan, and the hordes of immigrants who continue to arrive, on shabby boats via Libya, and to drown. Here’s what some of the top leaders are saying or, rather, shouting during these final days before the vote May 25.
  • Torino la mia città - raccontata da Brachetti
    Attention New Yorkers, we present you Turin. From the city’s first citizen and its delegation, Turin and its brand new initiative for tourist events, ExpoExto, which will take place in the area in and around Turin during Expo 2015 in Milan.