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  • 100per100 Italian Pizza: ex aequo per Ribalta e Sorbillo
    Lo scorso 30 giugno, presso la Scavolini Soho Gallery di New York, l’associazione culturale no profit I Love Italian Food ha dedicato un’intera serata a tutte quelle realtà che si sono distinte recentemente nell’attività di promozione dell'autentica cucina italiana, premiando le migliori in base a sei categorie principali: Espresso, Gelato, Menu, Pizza, Chef e Ristorante.
  • 100per100 Italian Pizza: ex aequo for Ribalta and Sorbillo
    On June 30, the Gala organized by the cultural association I Love Italian Food, hosted by Scavolini Soho Gallery, was dedicated to all those realities which distinguished themselves for promoting only authentic Italian cuisine in New York. The special guests were awarded according to six main categories: Espresso, Gelato, Menu, Pizza, Chef and Restaurant.
  • Dining in & out
    Amy Riolo(July 11, 2017)
    Panna cotta, Italian for “cooked cream,” is a specialty of northern Italy’s Piedmont region—an area known for its superior dairy products. Panna cotta, or some version of it, has long been popular throughout most of Europe and in other countries along the Mediterranean.
  • The freshly planted Starbucks-sponsored palm trees at the Piazza Duomo were set alight following protests with a racist tinge alleging “Africanization” and the recent outcry over the chain's planned arrival in Italy.
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    Alberto Baudo(May 18, 2016)
    Why hasn’t Starbucks opened store in Italy until now? Will it succeed? Will it hurt small businesses? Will it change Italians’ habits? Only time will tell, but we can make our modest predictions if we examine the hard data, says Alberto Baudo, owner of Williamsburg’s Fabbrica
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    Francine Segan(October 01, 2014)
    Espresso culture in Italy has deep roots. Coffee first appeared in Europe at the port of Livorno, Tuscany, a city that was also home to Europe’s first coffee bar in the early 1600s.
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    Giulia Madron(July 30, 2014)
    Italians know where to go to have a good coffee. In New York, they found the mecca for the perfect espresso: Zibetto Espresso Bar. Located at 1385 6th Ave, the venue will now open another spot on 42nd and 5th Ave, spreading the real Italian coffee tradition in the Big Apple.