Dolce and Gabbana's Love for Sophia Loren

Camilla Santinelli (March 02, 2016)
The timeless icon of the Italian cinema on one side, two fashion designers of international fame on the other: thus originates the collaboration between Sophia Loren and Dolce and Gabbana, a unique combination of beauty, elegance and tradition signed Made in Italy. The fashion brand wanted the actress to be the face of its Sophia Loren N°1, an ultra-light, semi-covering lipstick created by Domenico Dolce e Stefano Gabbana in collaboration with Sophia Loren herself.

“This is not only a lipstick, Sophia Loren N°1 is a gesture of love” - the fashion duo said - “Created from us for Sophia and for all the women”. This scented, bright cherry red lipstick is designed for all the women who want to dress their lips in elegance, and thanks to its creamy formula, it nourishes the lips making them glow. 

From the shade to the texture, to the delicate essence – typical of every Dolce e Gabbana lipstick – to the elegant golden packaging which adorns Loren’s signature, Sophia Loren N°1 pays homage to the iconicity of the testimonial that represents it: a symbol of  (timeless) beauty and femininity since ever. 

The collaboration between the actress and the brand continues with the new fragrance for women: “Dolce Rosa Excelsa”.

The short film renews the connection between Dolce e Gabbana and Giuseppe Tornatore, involving three greats of Italian cinematography: Tornatore, Loren and Ennio Morricone, who curated the soundtrack.

The film takes place in at Villa Valguarnera di Bagheria, a large, abandoned, and consumed by time estate in Sicily. Here, Sophia depicts a mother that guides her five sons in the renovation process of the old family house.

While the house is restored to its ancient magnificence, the background music by maestro Morricone plays and the entire village is invited to the garden party to celebrate Villa Valguarnera house in all its regained beauty.

Among the guests there is also Kate King, a Canadian model who was already endorsed the “Dolce” fragrance. Kate portrays Rosa, a beautiful young lady that catches the attention of the youngest of Sophia’s sons. Struck by her beauty, the boy picks the most beautiful flower in the garden as a gift for her: a carmine red rose. As Kate smells the flower, a drop of dew slips from it. The girl then smiles and decides to put the water from the flower on her neck, just like perfume.

In the final scene, after a last touch of lipstick, Sophia greets her guests in the garden where the laughs, the colors and the light perfectly convey the idea of the authentic Sicilian summer.

At this point, Kate shows her the rose and Loren, captivated by its beauty says: “Meravigliosa!” This encounter between two women from different generations, is full of beauty and tradition. An encounter that is eternal, just as the Rosa is.





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