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Articles by: Camilla Santinelli

  • 8) Città tropicale, Dolce & Gabbana
    Tropical vibes all around for this summer, and there’s no doubt everyone will be pleased. Bright colors, tropical animals, and wild vegetation are the undisputed protagonists of this period, providing the right amount of cheerfulness to live the most enjoyable season of the year to its fullest.
  • 1) Miu Miu, Blugirl
    Yes, it’s coming again. Another year has passed, and here we are, ready to let the magic of Christmas fill our souls and hearts. Because let’s be honest, everyone loves Christmas, right? Its lights, its colors, and the general sense of love and happiness that is able to warm up even the coldest of hearts. And while Christmas trees and all sorts of decorations are already filling up every corner of our houses - we also couldn’t help but think about fashion.
  • 4800 miles of Italian coastline and with more than 800 islands is very much involved in tackling the impact that climate change. Two important eco-friendly events are scheduled for next week, and both of them are organized by Marevivo and UniVerde Foundation
  • Martedì, 3 maggio 2016: la malinconia di un rigido pomeriggio di pioggia è stata scacciata dall’atmosfera piena di curiosità e briosa che si respirava al civico 690 di Park Avenue, sede del consolato generale d’Italia, in occasione della prima visita ufficiale di Armando Varricchio a New York: il nuovo ambasciatore italiano negli Stati Uniti.
  • Since 1937, the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano has been involved with a great sense of responsibility in the activity of preservation and valorization of the Duomo of Milan, one of the biggest gothic cathedrals in Italy and Europe, a symbol of the Lombard county seat.