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    Virginia Di Falco(June 04, 2015)
    Few cities in Italy or the world possess a patrimony as extraordinary as Naples. Our recommended travel itinerary approaches this marvelous city from three different angles, starting with Naples’ scenic side, as beautiful today as it was ages ago, when 16th Century travelers on the Grand Tour arrived seeking beauty and gradeur. Next up is the rich, majestic Naples, capital of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, known for its monuments and squares, its culture and truly popular side streets. Finally, we’ll introduce you to a hidden Naples, which has existed underground for centuries. This may be the most mysterious and spectacular side of Naples, spanning two millennia and conti- nuing to look to the future: from catacombs to under- ground art, with the most beautiful train stations in Europe designed by 14 “archi-stars” and adorned with 200 works of art by over ninety artists.
  • Rivers, mountains, beaches and a sea teeming with fish. This UNESCO World Heritage Site starts at the temples and ancient Greek ruins of Paestum and comprises eighty towns and villages, sixty miles of coast, the tallest mountains and densest forests in the region, as well as dozens of vineyards, wine cellars and farming businesses that produce exquisite food.
  • Cosa suggerire a chi vuol fare un viaggio in Umbria? Puo' sembrare strano. Ma il consiglio migliore è quello che ha dato lo scrittore americano Henry James quasi un secolo e mezzo fa: «non avere fretta, camminare ovunque molto lentamente e senza meta osservando tutto quello che i propri occhi incontreranno».