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  • Interview with Friar Carlo Bottero, the keeper of the ‘Canticle of Creatures’ and other precious manuscripts from the XIII and XIV centuries, as well as Papal Bulls pertaining to the Saint of Assisi, being exhibited in the United States. The Franciscan monk accompanies the exhibition comprising 19 works from the ‘Fondo Antico’ of Assisi’s public library, located in the Assisi Sacred Convent’s library. The first prestigious event is the exhibition at the United Nations headquarters (Nov 17- 28, 2014). After that, the exhibits will move to the Brooklyn Borough Hall (open to the public) and will be displayed through the Christmas period. We invite you to visit this one in a million exhibition in New York (Dec 2, 2014 – January 14, 2015)
  • Intervista con Fra Carlo Bottero, il custode del Cantico delle Creature e altri preziosi manoscritti del XIII e XIV secolo e Bolle Papali, riguardanti il Santo di Assisi in mostra negli Stati Unti. Il francescano accompagna l'esposizione composta da ben 19 opere provenienti dal Fondo Antico della Biblioteca comunale di Assisi, presso la Biblioteca del Sacro Convento di Assisi La prima prestigiosa tappa è alle ‘Nazioni Unite’ (17 novembre – 28 novembre 2014). La seconda è il Brooklyn Borough Hall (aperta al pubblico) e attraverserà il periodo natalizio. Una visita irripetibile che invitiamo a svolgere a New York (tra il 2 dicembre 2014 – 14 gennaio 2015)
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    Letizia Airos(October 22, 2014)
    Ferrari’s head of design Flavio Manzoni talks about design, tradition, innovation, and the courage to experiment. He also shares his thoughts about working in Italy and abroad, his fascination with New York’s cultural melting pot, and the importance of staying true to one’s roots while looking ahead to our globalized future.
  • In the late Nineties, then Italy’s U.N. Ambassador Paolo Fulci—a Sicilian who calls Salina home—united 32 small, insular states to block a Security Council reform that would have marginalized Italy. Influential members of the Italian-American community were mobilized in support of Italy’s national interests. Prominent among them were descendants of Aeolian immigrants... Interview
  • We accompanied Laura Boldrini on her visit to the Museum of Emigration at Ellis Island. Her guides: rangers Franco Paolino and Danielle Simonelli, and Professor Anthony J. Tamburri. These were emotional moments on the strip of land at the estuary of the Hudson River, which speaks of the emigration of the past, yet bringing us back to the present. In hope of a future, which knows how to use the migration processes as great resource.
  • Abbiamo accompagnato il presidente della Camera dei Deputati, Laura Boldrini, nella sua visita al Museo dell'Emigrazione di Ellis Island. A guidarla i ranger Franco Paolino e Danielle Simonelli, il professor Anthony J. Tamburri. Sono stati momenti di emozione su quel fazzoletto di terra, alla foce del fiume Hudson, che racconta l’emigrazione del passato, ma che riporta al presente. Nella speranza di un futuro che sappia fare dei processi migratori una grande risorsa