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Articles by: Letizia Airos

  • When we sat down with Alessandro Piol, the Italian venture capitalist based in new york who has 30 years of experience in the field of technology, he opened up about how his father— in Italy, a pioneer in the sector—taught him to love his work. He also explained how he chooses projects to finance and why New York presents even greater prospects than Silicon Valley. And he concluded with a little “message in a bottle” for young Italians looking to come to the City to develop an idea.
  • An established lawyer and an active member of the Italian-American community, Linda Carlozzi tells us about her family roots, how she discovered nIAF, and what’s like to be a woman in a predomi- nantly male world. She also reflects on changing perceptions of Italian-American culture both in the US and in Italy; and offers her take on what should be done to strengthen mutual understing among Italians across the ocean.
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    Letizia Airos(January 27, 2016)
    A new issue of our magazine is just about hitting New York City! Why begin with a translation of a medieval poet talking about women and love?
  • We sat down with Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci the two Italian tennis stars who made history with their US OPEN final match—not only an unforgettable victory for tennis but for the values associated with sport.
  • Editorial. This issue celebrates creativity on the streets of Harlem, spotlighting three Italian artists’ contributions to the wonderful Audubon Project. And, as we do for every end-of-year issue,we’ve also nominated a “Person of the Year.” Two people, actually, two women from Puglia, two rivals on the court and friends in real life—tennis players Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci, stars of the all-Italian US Open women’s final.
  • Cosa vuol dire per un non-italiano “vivere italiano” tutti giorni? Farlo con un italiano e in un contesto italiano, anche se fuori dall’Italia? Ne parlo con Jacqueline Graves, Jamaicana ,moglie di Antonio Monda, italiano, scrittore, professore di cinema alla NYU, e direttore della Festa del Cinema di Roma. Cultura jamaicana ed italiana insieme grazie all'ospitalità, la religione, il cibo e ... il "free" speech
  • The Italian Cancer American Foundations Turns 35. On the eve of the November 10th Benefit at the Mandarin Oriental, we spoke to Cristina Aibino, Executive Director of the American- Italian Cancer Foundation.
  • Ci ha lasciato lo scorso sabato una persona straordinaria, modello di impegno filantropico, ma non solo. Una donna speciale che ha dedicato in prima persona la sua vita alla cultura italiana per diffonderla a 360 gradi. Con impegno e passione