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  • Art & Culture
    Andrea Di Camillo(June 05, 2008)
    An exciting documentary (yes--they do exist!) called "Le Conversazioni" ("Conversations") shot in Capri was presented at the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò (NYU). The main topic for discussion amongst famous American authors and film producers dealt with their perception of the problem that literature currently faces in the advent of moving images, or cinema
  • The John D. Calandra Italian/American Institute hosted a conference presenting the book "Altreitalie: Cittadinanza e Diritto al Voto", in an evening of discussion about the Italian vote abroad
  • Discovering Jewish Trieste, an event which included a dinner reception and presentation, took place in the Rohatyn Room of Carnegie Hall. The event was sponsored by the Centro Primo Levi in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Friuli Venezia Giulia and ENIT. The presentation focused on the trend toward Jewish cultural tourism that has begun in Trieste. Gabriella Kropf of the Comunità Ebraica di Trieste, journalist Andrea Fiano of the Centro Primo Levi, and photographer Alberto Jona Falco made the evening come to life