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  • Schools are about to reopen for Italy's students, although not without problems. Some towns have lost school buildings due to earthquakes while others complain of a shortage of teachers. A bitter controversy is over vaccinating the very youngest.
  • Naumburg Bandshell - Central Park, New York
    Art & Culture
    N. D.(June 26, 2018)
    A night filled with incredible talent and Italian musical tradition is what will be displayed for “Opera Italiana is in the Air” July 2, under the musical direction of MC Alvise Casellati and supported by the Consulate General of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute of New York.
  • Art & Culture
    I. I.(September 13, 2017)
    The story of a grassroots movement that emerged in New York. New Insider Guide Helps Parents and Educators Create Dual Language Education Programs in the American School System
  • Fernando Destefanis, HR director at Diesel, greets students and introduces the lesson.
    Italian clothing maker Diesel is known for its denim and chic fashion designs; however, for some students in New York City—supported by the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE)—the Diesel name will take on a whole other meaning.
  • Op-Eds
    Judith Harris(September 17, 2015)
    This was back-to-school week for no less than ninety million young Italians. But more important than the numbers is that this September marks the first test for the application of a modernizing school reform law, hotly contested by teachers’ unions, but passed by the government headed by Matteo Renzi in July.
  • Announcing a Major New Italian Educational and Cultural Center in New York: La Scuola d'Italia Acquires Fourteen Floor 102,000 Square Foot Manhattan Building near Columbus Circle to Facilitate Consolidation and Expansion. Multi-faceted building that previously housed Mount Sinai Roosevelt offices and facilities will enable the pre-K through 12 independent, private school to expand, adding a nursery school, cultural center, theater, gym and adult education facilities
  • The government headed by Premier Matteo Renzi is promoting its school reform plan, which would give jobs to 148,000 new teachers while introducing merit promotions. However, the Renzi project has come under harsh criticism because the bill – one of the major projects his government proposes – is limited to job creation at the expense of a fragile, dated infrastructure. But even as students mount protests, Lazio Region schools are becoming innovative.
  • In the last two decades, the field of language pedagogy has shown an indisputable success in adopting new multimedia technologies and in utilizing audiovisual material. Films are a vehicle for creativity that encourages students to discuss issues and themes presented in the movie enhancing their language skills and widening their vocabulary, making the learning process not only effective, but also entertaining
  • Born in Chiaravalle, Italy, in 1870, Montessori would have turned 142 on Friday. Google celebrated this special anniversary with a themed homepage Doodle featuring some of the basic toys and tools the Montessori educational method uses to create child-friendly, grade-free and hands-on learning environments, regardless of age differences among the pupils. The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, Inc. celebrated last year its 34th annual Italian Heritage and Culture Month with the theme: “A Tribute to Dr. Maria Montessori: An Internationally Renowned Educator and Physician.”