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  • Watched by at least 12 million TV viewers, the annual Sanremo Festival was a "magical week." In May the winner, Mahmood, will represent Italy at the the Eurovision Song Festival at Tel Aviv. But a few sour notes from the festival that began Feb. 5 still linger in the air.
  • Arte e Cultura
    Maria Rita Latto(February 10, 2019)
    Il vincitore è Mahmood, un ragazzo di origine egiziana, integrato grazie alla sua passione per la musica che rappresenta una parte importante della gioventù italiana. Ha vinto una bella canzone, contemporanea, attuale più che mai. Una canzone che rappresenta un frammento dello specchio variegato del Paese
  • It is safe to predict that the 65th season of the San Remo Song Festival ends in triumph Saturday night. After a dull season last year, the quintessentially Italian musical competition returned in grand form with 11 million tuning in nightly. Behind this lively revival was emcee Carlo Conti’s return to the family-style festival of the distant past. And is there also nostalgia for the real Italian family?
  • ♫ Louis Armstrong ♪ Mi Va Di Cantare (1968) ♫ Video & Audio Restored HD
    Art & Culture
    Enzo capua(April 22, 2014)
    Havoc at the idea of having Louis Armstrong at the Sanremo Italian Song Festival. On the one hand, a virtuoso who invented new ways of doing jazz, on the other, a cheerful, charming entertainer beloved by those who knew nothing about jazz through this doubleness has won him both adoration and scorn.
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    Tiziana Rinaldi Castro(February 17, 2014)
    Once again on music, politics, culture, and life in New York. But also on the Sanremo Festival—for decades the platform for main- stream music in Italy. Pagani is directing it for the second year in a row, and we want to know why. "As we used to say, the quality of everything one does is political, so music is always political in that it has a political effect. An ugly song is a 'carrier' of subculture whereas a good song is the opposite, so the only way to be positive in music is to produce beautiful songs."
  • Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto
    Sanremo Festival is changing along with time. With the national general elections only days away the festival for the first time and in a particular fashion addresses the politics of the nation.
  • They should be the real protagonists of the contemporary Italian music scene. Despite numerous issues, from controversies against religious magazines to fashion styles and the lack of underwear, the tunes are what the Italy's most celebrated music festival must really focus on