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  • We all are very sad. Italian film director Vittorio Taviani, who with his brother Paolo Taviani created masterpieces of the Italian cinema has died today at the age of 88. The Taviani brothers are among Italy’s most well-known directors, with such acclaimed credits as Padre Padrone, La Notte di San Lorenzo, Kaos, Caesar Must Die and Wondrous Boccaccio. It is a great loss for Italian cinema and culture. To his family and his daughter, friend Giovanna Taviani , our deepest sympathy We decided to republish this article that the great director generously wrote for our magazine. It is the celebration of an island that he loved so much, Salina. Salina as seen through the eyes of renowned film director who for many years has shared a house on the gorgeous Sicilian island with his brother Paolo, inseparable companion in work and in life.
  • In the late Nineties, then Italy’s U.N. Ambassador Paolo Fulci—a Sicilian who calls Salina home—united 32 small, insular states to block a Security Council reform that would have marginalized Italy. Influential members of the Italian-American community were mobilized in support of Italy’s national interests. Prominent among them were descendants of Aeolian immigrants... Interview
  • Would you like to show the world what island life is? Now you can do it through a short film (maximum three minutes)… If you were born or reside on one of the small Italian islands, get your camera (or iPhone) out! Create your own video on the theme "Islanders yes, isolated no.
  • Anna Marchesini, actress, comedian and writer, awarded by the prize established in memory of Massimo Troisim remembers the great Italian actor, film director, and poet, during the MareFestival’s ceremony in Salina. “Massimo was the most exquisite example of emotional, comical and linguistic intelligence”.
  • On June 11 the Calandra Italian American Institute, in collaboration with ANFE-Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Emigranti and i-Italy, will host the New York presentation of the IV Edition of the SalinaDocFest (September 12-19, 2010). Don't miss the opportunity to meet renowned Italian director Giovanna Taviani, watch her internationally acclaimed documentary "I nostri 30 anni. Generazioni a confronto". Our 30 years. Generations face to face" and follow her debate with the Italian-American director Nancy Savoca!