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  • In "Isis vs Occidente", Italian sociologist Stefano De Santis focuses on various aspects of the universe of ISIS, from the origins to the key players, the foreign fighters and the role of mass media, the war on terrorism that the Western world is conducting and the risks of our civilization.
  • On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini's death, Kairos Italy Theater, Casa Italiana Theater Company in Residence, presents a celebration of his life in New York and of his influence over the work of future generations.
  • Emilia Costantini, a journalist and theater critic for Corriere della Sera, is the author of "FALLACI, a woman against,” a post­mortem interview with the famous and controversial journalist Oriana Fallaci. The play, presented at TheatreLab during the second edition of In Scena! Italian theater festival, is a love letter written by a woman who is clearly fascinated by Oriana Fallaci, by what she has meant to Italian journalism and by her irreverent style of writing
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    Patrizia Orioli(August 29, 2011)
    The countdown to the tenth anniversary of the terror attacked that has changed history has started. There are many different ways of telling the same story and there are books for all those who are interested in knowing more.