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You chose: la grande bellezza

  • Zesty Kraft (Los Angeles)
    Facts & Stories
    Giulia Iani(June 06, 2017)
    Buying an Italian product has come to symbolize immersing oneself in the Italian way of life. An analysis of the industry’s overseas advertising lingo can help us understand how foreign consumers perceive the country itself.
  • Art & Culture
    Judith Harris(July 28, 2015)
    Despite the graft and graffiti, and the New York Times dissing Rome, Italy continues to vaunt countless islands of excellence, where the landscape is unspoiled, the finest of foods are offered at fair prices, treasures of art are visible and newly restored, and music fills the air. In short, the best of the Italian cultural riches not only survive, but thrive.
  • Life & People
    Stanislao Pugliese(November 10, 2014)
    Based on his novel Il trono vuoto (The Vacant Throne), Roberto Andò’s film Viva la libertà appeared last year in Italy at a propitious moment, just as Florence mayor Matteo Renzi stormed to national political prominence and assumed the office of prime minister (the youngest in Italian history) in early 2014. Both the film and the reality deal with a moment of crisis of the left; but perhaps that is where the similarities end.
  • First published in Italian in 2010, well before the world-wide success of La Grande Bellezza, this debut novel from one of Italy’s most famous movie directors is a brilliant cockeyed state-of-the-nation address that captures the brand of Italian modernity after the years of “Berlusconification.”
  • Giorgio Armani - Frames of Life - Films of City Frames
    Fashion designer Giorgio Armani teams up with Rai Cinema creating Films of City Frames, a project, which is both promotional and philanthropic, which is aimed to revive the 2010 Frames of Life campaign. The spot announcing the project is represented by a short executed by Piero Messina, a young director chosen by non other than the recent Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino, who not only joined the initiative but stars in the pilot film. Messina directed this thrilling and lyrical short film inspired by Louis Ferdinand Céline's Journey to the End of the Night, and includes unreleased sequences from Sorrentino's The Great Beauty