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  • An Evening of Italian Fare, Wines, Spirits and Live Music to Ensue: Proceeds to Benefit JBF and Brand New Scholarship! An exciting event happening at SD26 on next Tuesday Jan 20th, 2015. Tony and Marisa May are set to launch a brand new scholarship dedicated to keeping the legacy of fine Italian cuisine alive! In partnership with the James Beard Foundation, a fundraiser for the scholarship, will take place at SD26 on Tuesday January 20th from 6pm 11pm. Tickets are $95 (all inclusive) and $75 for James Beard Foundation members
  • It now appears certain that Giorgio Napolitano will resign as of Jan. 14, at the top of Italy’s current political agenda is election of his successor. Before this happens, let’s consider what the function of an Italian president is – unlike the royals of Britain or Spain, he is far more than a ceremonial figurehead – and then take a backward look at the presidents of the past.
  • Interview with Professor Robert Viscusi. "“Italian American culture without the Italian language loses its connection with the rhetorical, political, and philosophical traditions of Italian culture."
  • The Rizzoli Bookstore building is an icon of New York City architecture and one of the most beautiful commercial spaces in America. After 30 years, it is now facing the threat of demolition. It’s unlikely at this point that it will be saved unless a public backlash is strong enough to convince city officials otherwise. Sign the petition on line!
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    Fred Gardaphe(January 19, 2014)
    All This Talk of Love: A Novel. Christopher Castellani takes the immigrant saga well beyond timeworn plots, showing us all that becoming American effects, but doesn’t erase, our being Italian. “We didn’t go to Italy to sight see. We went so that my mother could visit the family she’d given up to marry my father, who’d emigrated to America after World War II. We went so that my parents could introduce me to the “real” world—vivid, honest, and unspoiled— and so they could escape the harsh and colorless “new” world. We went because my mother missed her best friends, her six brothers and sisters, who were still relatively young and very much alive.”
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    TIziana Rinaldi Castro(November 21, 2013)
    IN CONVERSATION WITH MAESTRO MAURO PAGANI. It is one of the great cultural riches of our country; our culture’s capacity to touch and be touched has been expressed by music in a sublime manner
  • When angry trade unions who represent the custodians that guard the Colosseum had imposed a 3-1/2 hour strike, tourists were left standing in long lines as the sun beat down upon their heads. Like the situation at Pompeii, this new cultural heritage disaster and the plight of the tourists made headlines worldwide, giving the managers of the Italian cultural heritage a well publicized black eye. Then came the news, delivered last week to Parliament: the Cultural Heritage Ministry has unpaid bills of some $50 million, caused by repeated budget cuts. Worst of all, funds to pay for work to protect and maintain the Italian heritage have been slashed by 58% in the past five years.