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  • My father Leone knew how to be obeyed. No dialect in my family. I remember him saying: "Mario, you have many good ideas and opinions. They will be lost if only a few people will understand you in L'Aquila". I listened and was very careful in using a clear, direct language: my best Italian. I was lucky, winning 33 literary awards. I sent my best Italian plays to England, Russia, Japan; everywhere I knew they had good theaters. I was ignored or rejected. I translated my best plays into English. They were accepted and performed. The lesson was clear. If you want to communicate your ideas, opinions, and feelings to millions you must translate them into English.
  • An Evening of Italian Fare, Wines, Spirits and Live Music to Ensue: Proceeds to Benefit JBF and Brand New Scholarship! An exciting event happening at SD26 on next Tuesday Jan 20th, 2015. Tony and Marisa May are set to launch a brand new scholarship dedicated to keeping the legacy of fine Italian cuisine alive! In partnership with the James Beard Foundation, a fundraiser for the scholarship, will take place at SD26 on Tuesday January 20th from 6pm 11pm. Tickets are $95 (all inclusive) and $75 for James Beard Foundation members
  • It now appears certain that Giorgio Napolitano will resign as of Jan. 14, at the top of Italy’s current political agenda is election of his successor. Before this happens, let’s consider what the function of an Italian president is – unlike the royals of Britain or Spain, he is far more than a ceremonial figurehead – and then take a backward look at the presidents of the past.
  • Interview with Professor Robert Viscusi. "“Italian American culture without the Italian language loses its connection with the rhetorical, political, and philosophical traditions of Italian culture."