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  • Massimo Sola's "Almost Carbonara," last year's best pasta dish in New York
    Attention, foodies! On Friday, June 23, a panel of food experts at the James Beard House will select the winner of this year’s Primo di New York competition, i.e. the pasta dish you’re going to have to try stat!
  • Life & People
    Kayla Pantano(December 08, 2016)
    Sicilian-born New Yorker Roberto Scarcella Perino has written music for theater, choir, chamber ensemble, and children’s productions, but his artistic talents extend to the kitchen as well.
  • The Summer Fancy Food Show ended with a lively discussion on the future of Italian cuisine in America and on how authentic Italian food ingredients and wines fit with the modern concept of fusion, which blends high-quality components with other cuisines of the world.
  • Life & People
    Gina Di Meo(February 03, 2008)
    L'Italian Culinary Academy ha festeggiato il suo primo anno di attività premiando sei studenti che si sono distinti con una borsa di studio offerta dall’Italian Trade Commission-Ice che li porterà in Italia per 29 settimane.