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New Pompeii Discoveries

Nicole Campisano (April 03, 2018)
In the newly excavated Regio V section of Pompeii, archaeologists have discovered art and gardens thanks to new technologies.

2018 marks the 270th year anniversary of Pompeii’s discovery, and excitingly, new finds have been uncovered. The ancient city of Pompeii was completely buried by ash and rocks when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.  However, bodies, buildings and priceless artifacts have been preserved for centuries.

Restoring History with Technology

This spring, for the first time, drones and laser scanners—along with archaeologists— were used in the excavation process.  With these new technologies, major discoveries have been made in the Regio V section of Pompeii.

Pubs, shops, gardens, and art were uncovered throughout this recent excavation process.  There are alleys and streets that have never been seen before, as well as the entrance to a home that has been called the Domus.  This Domus is thought to have been owned by a wealthy family because of the magnificent art found inside. Within, there are frescoes and panels with a painted dolphin against a red background.

Massimo Osanna, Pompeii’s site manager, explains the magnitude of the discovery: "For the first time as academics, we have come across objects, plasterwork and frescoes that have never been restored, that are in their original shape and colour without having been tampered with in past restoration. Now we also have the opportunity to carry out conservation work using the most advanced techniques, materials and experiences."

Future Plans

Osanna and his team’s main goal is to reconstruct the uncovered area, so visitors can explore the site further.  This laborious project will take around two years at an estimated cost of 8.5 million euros.