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Naples Gets Their Dance on With Roberto Bolle’s OnDance

Alexsandra Arlia (May 17, 2019)
Roberto Bolle gets major cities in Italy to dance with his popular OnDance festival making its second-year return, with an added weekend-long location in Naples.

Famous ballet dancer Roberto Bolle’s OnDance Festival, originating in Milan, is being brought to Naples this weekend as the city enjoys two days of free dancing activities and lessons for all ages and styles throughout various locations. This festival of dance will provide dance classes will be offered ranging in techniques such as ballet, contemporary, tango, swing, modern and hip-hop. Red Bull is also sponsoring a “Dance Your Style” street dance competition at Piazza Dante, where the public audience will decide on two winning finalists to go to Milan and compete in the national competition.

Born in Milan, OnDance is Bolle’s answer to the undervalued art of dance amongst those in Italy whom otherwise may not have been exposed. In an effort to bring the appreciation of various dance styles and self-expression to the masses, Bolle has taken on his OnDance festival project--with much support of local administrations and the public. Since its introduction in 2018, the festival has taken new heights this year as Bolle holds a separate weekend of events in Naples as well.

Per Bolle’s intentions, the weekend festivities taking place in Naples will be “a homage and thanks to the city” which will also be shown with traditional Neapolitan music. The activities planned are made in an effort to combat the association of ballet with the elite, and instead introduce the art for public appreciation.

Bolle exclaimed his enthusiasm for the two-day event in Naples, stating "It is a city that has always shown great affection, enthusiasm and admiration for me and I am even happier to take this great celebration of ballet here.” Bolle has also expressed excitement for the upcoming venture on his social media accounts, posting countdown photos and getting Naples residents eager for his arrival. And the anticipation is evident, as registration for the open classes are already full due to the popularity of the event.

For more information including a countdown to the event, visit the official website: https://ondance.it/





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