Gino Bartali, a Champion on Two Wheels

Giulia Madron (March 26, 2014)
In order to remember Italian cyclist Gino Bartali, France will host a 3 day festival dedicated to the Italian champion and to all cycling lovers.

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Gino Bartali, France will host an Italian Festival “Homage to Gino Bartali” in order to remember one of the greatest cyclist in history.

The event will take place in Louhans on April 25th, 26th and 27th. The initiative is organized by the Musée du Vélo and by the Hotel Moulin de Bourgchâteau in collaboration with “La Voce,” the Italian magazine in France.

In the Festival, which will bring together many cycling lovers, expected is the participation of Andrea Bartali, son of the champion, Faustino Coppi, Bartali’s historical “rival,” as well as many other Italian athletes.

The official opening will be held on April 25th at the Cinéma Eden with the screening of the movie "Le voleur de bicyclette" by Vittorio De Sica and the presentation of the Italian racers. On April 26th, after a mass at the Moulin of Louhans, there will be an inauguration of the plaque dedicated to Gino Bartali and his transit through the French city in 1954. After, a series of conferences, exhibitions and artistic representations will be held to commemorate the Italian champion who passed away in 2000.