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Articles by: Emily Hayes

  • "The Art Show," an annual fair of the Art Dealer's Association of America, located at the Park Avenue Armory, includes multiple artworks by Italian Impressionists and Futurists. Many other works draw clear inspiration and influence from these Italian artists.
  • Facts & Stories
    Emily Hayes(February 20, 2015)
    Feyenoord fans rampaged the historic center of Rome and the newly restored, 400-year-old Bernini Fountain of Barcaccia. The oval basin of the fountain is now filled with broken glass and marble.
  • Art & Culture
    Emily Hayes(February 13, 2015)
    Matera, famous city in southeastern Italy, attracted more tourists Monday as a month long shooting began for the remake of the historical film Ben-Hur. Most of the filming takes place in the Sassi, famous ancient cave dwellings in the center of the city.