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  • Facts & Stories
    Judith Harris(January 16, 2008)
    Spin - Giro, v.i. girare, trottolare. No less than elsewhere, Italians know that the real meaning of “spin” is the news equivalent of food additives: however toxic the effects, it all looks and tastes better...
  • In a polite letter to the New York Times Italian Interior Minister Giuliano Amato pointed out that the Italian national health care system is ranked by the World Health Organization as second in the world. Amato has a good point. If Italy is potentially the second healthiest nation in Europe, however, Neapolitans have been left out...
  • Op-Eds
    Judith Harris(December 21, 2007)
    Journalist and writer Judith Harris, in Rome, starts her collaboration with i-Italy and offers her reflections on Ian Fisher's New York Times article on Italy's "funk".