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  • The presence important Italian wine producers will give an even greater appeal to GALA ITALIA—the longest running promotional event for Italian wines in the U.S.—and stimulate the interest of the American wine press. Guests will have the opportunity to taste the same special wines that were donated to the Ambassadors of the Member Nations of the UN Security Council and pair them with a carefully constructed menu that highlights the characteristics of the wines.
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    Kayla Pantano(December 15, 2016)
    Naples native Gianfranco Sorrentino has over 30 years of restaurant management experience around the globe and now owns three flourishing Italian restaurants in Manhattan. His most recent undertaking, Mozzarella & Vino, is located right across the street from the MoMA and serves inexpensive, traditional Southern Italian cuisine without sacrificing quality.
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    N.(February 03, 2016)
    “Italy is not a military or financial superpower, but it is a cultural, oenological and gastronomic empire.” With this compelling statement, Maurizio Forte, Trade Commissioner & Executive Director for the US of the Italian Trade Commission has officially launched, in a special event & press conference held on February 3rd at the Highline Ballroom, Vino 2016 - Italian Wine Week, the greatest Italian wine event ever held in the United States.
  • Dining in & out: Articles & Reviews
    L. A.(November 25, 2015)
    A conversation with Michele - the soul of the wine department at Jerry’s Homemade-Gourmet and More. “In the last 15 years, in every single region in Italy, there has been a revolution in the world of wine,” he tells us. “Local varieties were rediscovered and several provinces learned how to make wines that intensified their products’ unique flavors”
  • On February 2 & 3 Slow Food presented the 2015 edition of the Slow Wine guide at the VINO Italian Wine Week, tasting event open to industry professionals and consumers. The event included the presence of 73 producers (43 in the evening event) listed in the guide, with tasting of their outstanding wines.
  • Jointly organized by the Italian Wine & Food Institute and the Italian Trade Commission, Wonderful Italian Wines for Summertime was a special wine and food tasting event exhibiting the best summer wines, especially Spumanti,Rosé, Prosecco and Moscato, and food specialties from Italy prepared by Serafina, Le Cirque and SD26 restaurants.
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    Charles Scicolone(December 18, 2008)
    Vino VII Selezione del vini della Toscana. The wines included in the competition were D.O.C.G., D.O.C. and I.G.T. denominations from Tuscany