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    G. M.(January 31, 2021)
    Baci, the most famous Italian praline in the world has a secret. Or two. With each and every one you’ll find a love note inspired by a real love story. Few people know that behind this small piece of chocolate there is a great woman who, incidentally, was also a renowned stylist: Luisa Spagnoli. This is her story.
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    Eataly Magazine(February 08, 2019)
    Choosing the right bottle of wine for Valentine’s Day can not only be difficult – it can be downright daunting. After all, there are so many factors to think about. What will your partner think of the wine you’ve chosen? Will one bottle say too much, while another say too little? And most importantly, will the wine match your current relationship status and the food you’re pairing it with? Fear not, amici. We've asked our wine experts to give us some advice on choosing the perfect wine so that you can enjoy love at first sip.
  • Love and the writing of love letters are a central part of Italy’s history. These letters tell stories of love lost, love found, and love rekindled. Their most common subjects are immigrants, refugees, and the exiled. In many cases, love letters are forgotten in drawers, in our grandparents’ suitcases, or in the attic of our parents’ houses. However, one museum looks to highlight the importance of these letters in an intriguing way.
  • Mercoledì 15 febbraio, alle ore 17 e 30, presso la sala dei convegni del Palazzo del Marchese Valligiani, la docente universitaria Sonia Cancian (Zayed University di Dubai, Emirati Arabi) parlerà del sentimento più nobile attraverso le lettere d’amore di due emigranti. L’iniziativa, che rientra nel ciclo delle manifestazione previste sotto il titolo “Lettere d’amore dall’Italia”, è organizzato dall’Associazione AbruzziAMOci. L'evento vede il patrocinio del Comune di Torrevecchia Teatina e del Museo della Lettera d’Amore.