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  • Would you like to show the world what island life is? Now you can do it through a short film (maximum three minutes)… If you were born or reside on one of the small Italian islands, get your camera (or iPhone) out! Create your own video on the theme "Islanders yes, isolated no.
  • On June 11 the Calandra Italian American Institute, in collaboration with ANFE-Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Emigranti and i-Italy, will host the New York presentation of the IV Edition of the SalinaDocFest (September 12-19, 2010). Don't miss the opportunity to meet renowned Italian director Giovanna Taviani, watch her internationally acclaimed documentary "I nostri 30 anni. Generazioni a confronto". Our 30 years. Generations face to face" and follow her debate with the Italian-American director Nancy Savoca!