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  • In the wild and mystical isle of Sardinia, they are known as the “Threads of God” because of their shape, which recalls the threads of a loom. They are however strands of handmade pasta, crafted according to an ancient sardinian tradition that has long been passed down from mother to daughter. A secret art that is slowly disappearing, one that the chef from Nuoro, Roberto Ruiu, has decided to bring to this side of the Atlantic.
  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    Eataly Magazine(May 24, 2019)
    Transport your kitchen to colorful Calabria with our delicious recipe for pasta with tuna. Spiced with Calabrese chili peppers and brightened with capers, the seaside classic highlights the simple flavors of the southern region.
  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    Eataly Magazine(May 24, 2019)
    So you know you love pasta, but are you eating it the right way? Read on to explore proper pasta etiquette and learn how to master this Italian code of conduct, from the stove to the table!
  • Three different kinds of wheat and rye flour.
    Flour has always been a primary source of nutrition for humans, especially Italians, especially because flour is used to make bread and pasta, two staples of the Mediterranean diet.
  • Last summer, doing our annual browsing at the packed Italian Pavilion at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, we met Maria Teresa Sassano, a businesswoman from Puglia and National Vice President of the Small Industry Committee of Confindustria, the largest industrial organization in Italy (see box to the right). We hung back to talk with her about women’s roles in Italian industry and her personal efforts to promote the internationalization of small and medium-sized Italian companies.
  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    EATALY MAGAZINE(July 26, 2018)
    Paccheri are wide tubes of pasta with lots of room for capturing a savory, chunky sauce. Typical to southern Italy, this recipe for paccheri with seafood transports us to sunnier days on the coast, watching the sun glance off blue-green waves, even on the coldest winter days.
  • Dining in & out: From Eataly Magazine
    Eataly Magazine(June 16, 2018)
    Making fresh pasta may seem daunting, but it is a simple luxury that you can enjoy every day. Follow our five-step guide, and learn how to transform basic ingredients into fresh pasta with only your hands and a rolling pin – just like nonna!
  • The Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana partnered with the Italian pasta maker Pastificio di Martino to produce an extremely limited edition tin of pastas along with a special D&G-designed apron.The new packs have become real postcards from Italy. And look around you, if you're in New York: you could meet giant postcards ...