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  • Da sinistra: Maria Tamburri, Francesca Aborn, Maria Teresa Cometto, Laura Mattioli
    La celebrazione di tre “Wise Women” - tre sagge donne - e’ una tradizione iniziata una decina di anni fa dalla NOIAW, l'Organizzazione Nazionale delle donne italo-americane. Avviene a ridosso dell’Epifania, la festa in cui di solito sono i tre Re Magi - i “Wise Men”, uomini saggi in inglese - ad essere ricordati.
  • NOIAW Board, 2009 Standing left to right: Betty Santangelo, Aileen R. Sirey, Diana Femia, Tiffany Berns, Vivian Cardia, Cristina Matera MD., Judge Angela Mazzarelli, Donna DeMatteo. Seated: Hon. Geraldine Ferraro, Matilda Cuomo.
    Each year in the month of October, a volunteer committee of Italian Americans plans a month-long celebration of culture and heritage. The theme for 2018 is "A Salute to Italian Women in America - Breaking Barriers...from Ellis Island to the Present." In this piece the Founder and Chair Emerita of the National Organization of Italian American Women muses on the role of women in making Italian immigrants part and parcel of the American social fabric.
  • Op-Eds
    Aileen Riotto Sirey(November 09, 2016)
    A heartfelt comment by the Founder and Chair Emerita of the National Organization of Italian American Women. "For me the most disturbing characteristic of this campaign was Trump’s attitude toward women. He seems to see them as objects, not as individuals in their own right...less intelligent, inferior creatures subject to the convenience and entertainment of men like him. He ran against one of the smartest most knowledgeable women in this country, a woman arguably better trained and prepared for the job than any man ever to place his hand on that iconic bible. It’s sad to see that sexism is still very much alive."
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    (January 10, 2016)
    The Greater New York Region of the National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW) will honor three of New York’s outstanding Italian American women at its annual Epiphany, Donna Corrado, Ph.D., LCSW of the NYC Department of Aging; Carin Guarasci of Wagner College; and Sue Matthews of Conquering Kidz Cancer
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    i. a.(May 22, 2014)
    After a successful dinner promoting the region of Tuscany, the midtown Italian Restaurant "Piccolo Fiore Ristorante," moves down South offering a regional tasting event with "An evening in Puglia, " to take place June 5th from 7 to 9 PM. Piccolo Fiore Ristorante will be donating twenty dollars from the sales of each ticket s to the National Organization of Italian American Women
  • NOIAW is the premier organization for women of Italian heritage that is committed to preserving Italian heritage, language and culture by promoting and supporting the advancement of women of Italian ancestry through education programs. At their annual gala they honored Lisa Lemole Oz, welcomed new chair Patricia Martone and raised funds for more cultural exchanges.
  • Aileen Riotto Sirey, Founder and Chair of NOIAW, meets i-Italy to share her memories of her best friend Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman be a candidate for Vice-Presidency of the United States, as well as the only Italian-American to run for such a high office. A role model for Italian-American women, Ferraro died on March 26, 2011 after twelve years from being diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
  • Life & People
    (January 30, 2012)
    After 32 years of service to the Italian American Community, Dr. Aileen Riotto Sirey submitted her retirement notice to the board of the National Organization of Italian American Women, effective May 5, 2012, the date of its annual luncheon. NOIAW is the premier nationwide membership group for Italian American women