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    Iwona Adamczyk(October 01, 2012)
    Meet Vincenzo Castellana, a musician that plays the Sicilian tambourine since he was five years old. Read about his passion and love for Sicilian Folk music and how you can become enchanted by it as well.
  • They should be the real protagonists of the contemporary Italian music scene. Despite numerous issues, from controversies against religious magazines to fashion styles and the lack of underwear, the tunes are what the Italy's most celebrated music festival must really focus on
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    N. L.(February 13, 2012)
    The last 24 hours of preparations for Italy's most celebrated music festival are marked by constant rehearsals, curious rumors and last minute preparations. The 62nd edition promises to be rich of surprises, the biggest one of all the participation of icon Adriano Celentano, his music and his mysterious monologues.