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  • Depero and the Metropolis of New York, Museo del Novecento
    "New York New York: rediscovering America," an exciting new exhibition in Milan's Museo del Novecento and the Gallerie d'Italia in the Palazzo di Scala, encompassing a variety of Italian masterpieces and their personal depiction of modern New York City and the United States.
  • Colorful artwork by Renato Mambor
    2017 will be a year full opportunities to visit some of the most beautiful pieces of art created by the most distinguished Italian artists of all time. This year, a majority of the events will focus particularly on 20th century and avant-garde art.
  • The front cover of Depsero's "Bolted Book"
    Designers & Books collaborates with Italian and American museums and global crowdfunding site Kickstarter to create a facsimile edition of Fortunato Depero’s 1927 monograph "Depero Futurista."
  • Art & Culture
    Steve Acunto(June 04, 2014)
    Italian Futurists managed to swim in the unexplored current, not drowning, but paddling toward the new shore of the real. The art hanging on the walls of the museums seemed “lifeless” to them, vague and sentimental relics. They would find this article boring because it contains no noise, no surprise blasts, no color, no violence.