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  • Italy's National Association of Migrant Families (ANFE), is in New York for the Italian Heritage and Culture Month with a very busy ageda of meetings, conferences, and encounters. All the events scheduled are dedicated to the figure of Joe Petrosino and to the theme of legality and anti-Mafia struggle in Sicily and in Italy more generally. Participating in the events are the Governor of Sicily Hon. Raffaele Lombardo, the National Anti-Mafia Attorney Mr. Pietro Grasso, and well-known jurnalists, academics, and musicians from Italy and the U.S.
  • To frame the Italian-American experience within a context of struggle for social justice and economic survival is to give it a dimension that goes beyond nostalgia and sentimentality, and flies in the face of the stereotypes that weigh down upon us Italians.
  • The President of the Columbus Citizens Foundation and the Dean of the Calandra Italian American Institute talk about Italy, the "land of their return". And about their first experience with an Italian "piazza".
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    (September 09, 2008)
    Bush invited Italy's Prime Minister to dine at the White House. "It will be a great occasion to celebrate and renew our long-lasting and intimate friendship".