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"The Tearing Down of History Does not Change that History" !

POST YOUR COMMENT ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA! And join the rally at CityHall. Christopher Columbus statue in New York City could be considered for removal. Two days ago, Baltimore’s Christopher Columbus monument was vandalized, and now there are calls to remove ColumbusCircle from the heart of NYC. If you believe in patience and dialogue over anger and violence, join the rally at CityHall at noon this Thursday, August 24 (12 pm) , and pass this message along!

"The “tearing down of #history” does not change that history. - wrote John Viola, the president of the Italian National American Foundation,  on his personal social media -

If we allow this violent and uncontrolled destruction of monuments, or turn a blind eye to political expediency in exploiting the mood of sadness and fear that is justifiably gripping the Nation in the wake of the events in Charlottesville, then we are destroying what lies at the root of our history and democracy – a vigorous debate on the challenges that face us in our times. "

If you believe in patience and dialogue over anger and violence, join the #rally at #CityHall at noon this Thursday, August 24, and pass this message along! 

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