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Game of Thrones Museum Opens in Ancient Roman City of Split

Maria Klein (May 29, 2019)
Just after its controversial finale, the extremely popular television series Game of Thrones is brought to life again for fans from around the world to enjoy in a new GoT themed museum in the ancient Roman city of Split, Croatia.

The television series Game of Thrones might be over but fans can now experience the majestic and fantastical lure of the show first-hand within a new museum located in Split, Croatia, where many of the show’s iconic scenes were shot.    

Dubrovnik was the main filming location in Croatia for King’s Landing, the capital of the seven kingdoms in the show. Moreover, the ancient palace of Diocletian in Split is home to the unforgettable scenes in which Daenerys trains her dragons.

The majestic palace of Diocletian was originally built by the ancient Romans in the years 293-305 CE. With its various columns, archways, doors and interwoven paths the palace is an invitation to lose oneself to imagination.

The directors of the TV show recognized the beauty of the ancient roman landscape to portray the perfect fantasy world. The still intact magnificent Roman architecture is fundamental to creating an imaginative and mystical atmosphere. The remains of the palace lend themselves to a beauty beyond our world.        

In the museum “Everything is just like in the series. The exhibits are exact replicas of scenes, symbols and characters from GoT,” Luka Galic, the person behind the museum told the Croatia Times.

The site is entirely dedicated to Game of Thrones. The 300 square meter space, is split up into five diversely themed rooms, each conceived by Luka Galic. Together with a crew of 40 artists and fans of GoT, he created rooms that faithfully reproduced elements, costumes, swords and even characters from the show.

The beloved Jon Snow, Tyrion, Aryya, and even Daenerys with one of her dragons are on display giving fans the ultimate experience of immersion in the alternate universe of the GoT.

The museum takes the visitors on a real life journey through the show. Providing first hand experience to sites and scenes that fans have watched and loved throughout the years. The institution has become a new and not to be missed attraction for Game of Thrones fans.

The museum further presents photos that were taken on set and objects that were used during actual filming, demonstrating the ties that the country of Croatia has with the show.

The Game of Thrones Museum is not the only attraction to the striking ancient Roman city of Split. The Diocletian palace at the heart of the city also hosts an annual Split Summer Festival. Musical, artistic and theatrical performances take place for a whole month long.

Also this summer from July 12th to 14th, Ultra Europe brings to Croatia internationally famous artists such as David Guetta, Afrojack, and many others.

The ancient Roman city, known for its beautiful coastline views and ruins, now also draws in Game of Thrones fans from around the world to their new museum. The age-old city invites the visitors to marvel over and lose themselves in the imaginative realm of the show.