Pamela Tusiani, Bea Tusiani, Paula Tusiani-Eng

Remnants of a Life on Paper

Baroque Press

The book tells the story of a young woman suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a psychiatric illness characterized primarily by mood swings, unstable relationships, depression and self-destructive behavior. Pamela Tusiani's copious journals, moving artwork and poetry provide an intimate glimpse of her battle with a personality she could not control. Intertwined with Pamela's voice, Bea Tusiani tells the story of her daughter's struggle and the roller-coaster effect it had on her family. The two points of view present a unique insight into Pamela's state of mind. Based on Bea's and her husband's notes, taken during conversations with Pamela, her doctors and other healthcare providers, this book allows the reader to live through Pamela's day-to-day ordeal and experience the anxiety, love and fear of her family members. This is not just the story of one vibrant, gifted young woman and her courageous family. It is a real life account of an illness that irreparably changes one's world. It raises questions for family and friends of those plagued by BPD. To whom do you turn? How can you help? What do you do when you can't help? Whom do you trust? Where are the boundaries? How do you keep going? Hopefully, this book will provide some answers. Pamela wrote in her diary, "There I stood, in a hole, deep in the ground. Did I dig it or just get in? Did I fall into it? Did someone else dig it and throw me in?" The hole is still there, but through the telling of her valiant endeavor, Pamela extends a hand to help others climb out. Remnants penetrates the heart. To read it, is truly inspirational. (Amazon)