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Articles by: Giulia Madron

  • Facts & Stories
    Giulia Madron(February 05, 2014)
    Rita Levi Montalcini's niece remembers her aunt Rita, Italian neurologist and Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, during a special event at the Centro Primo Levi
  • Life & People
    Giulia Madron(February 02, 2014)
    Giorgia Brugnoli is a talented fine artist and graphic designer who came to New York following the love of her life: art and design.
  • Events: Reports
    Giulia Madron(January 31, 2014)
    On February 4th the Italian Cultural Institute and the Centro Primo Levi of New York will dedicate a full day of events to one of Italy’s greatest Jewish scientists, the Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini. Interview with Natalia Indrimi, Director of the Centro Primo Levi and one of the coordinator of this initiative
  • Events: Reports
    Giulia Madron(January 29, 2014)
    On January 28, 2014 the Calandra Italian American Institute of New York organized the event “I Giovani D’Italia: Living Italy in New York,” a panel to discuss the new wave of young Italians who are moving to the US
  • Tourism
    Giulia Madron(December 12, 2013)
    From December 10th to December 12th, Ignazio Marino, Mayor of Rome, was in the US with the mission of promoting the Italian Capital in the world.
  • Art & Culture
    Giulia Madron(December 04, 2013)
    We interviewed Francesca Coppola, a successful Italian filmmaker based in Brooklyn and director of "Flamingos," a beautiful short movie realized in 2012 which premiered at MoMa and Licoln Center in New York and that it's currently touring festivals.
  • In occasion of the International Day for the elimination of violence against women, Lella Golfo presented at The Italian Cultural Institute of New York “Ad Alta Quota,” the book in which she talks about her battles to support women in affirming themselves at the workplace.