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  • The nativity scene, in Italian called presepe, represents the scene of the birth of Jesus Christ and is one of the main traditional Christmas decorations in Italy. In almost every church and in many homes there is a presepe. It is usually prepared on December 8, the day of the feast of the Immaculate Conception and is displayed for about one month
  • Just a few decades ago Halloween in Italy was merely the name of an American holiday, a sort of Carnevale. Little by little Halloween’s popularity has grown, probably due to the influence of American movies ... But in all the Italian regions in the days between October 31st and the day of Saint Martin (November 11th) there has been – from time immemorial – the folkloristic custom to celebrate the juxtaposition of life and death with numerous traditions
  • 600,000 visitors, 110,000 tickets sold, 102 films, 32 special events, 170 sponsors. An event strongly supported by Walter Veltroni, the mayor with a passion for cinema who succeeded in his dream of a festival devoted not only to movies but also offering a long list of cultural events
  • Many parts of the Eternal City are deeply involved in the second edition of the Rome Cinema Fest (18-27 October) that will bring 167 titles including films, documentaries and retrospectives, 24 tributes and meetings with directors, authors and writers, 15 videos, 12 international projects and 14 movies by debutant directors in the New Cinema Network section. And more...