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Articles by: Mico Delianova licastro

  • The exhibition between art and sport arrives at the UN Headquarters and will remain until 13th of April. It includes 40 photos regarding the theme “The sport in your continent” through which under 35 youth told about Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.
  • Leonardo Cenci in the hospital
    An Italian athlete is coming to New York, not to stop a war, but to continue one that he began 4 years ago in 2012 against cancer, an incurable lung tumor that metastasized. Leonardo Cenci goes by the name “Leo,” which, in Italian, means lion. He is the type of person who loves life and is not easily intimidated by the challenges that we as humans sometimes encounter, especially ones that can shorten our lives. Leo also conceived the “Oncology Games,” and created “Avanti Tutta”, an organization that, through its programs, promotes a healthy lifestyle and gives dignity to individuals afflicted by cancer.
  • Leonardo Cenci
    Oggi un atleta italiano viene a New York, non per fermare una guerra, ma per continuarne una che ha iniziato 4 anni fa contro un cancro che lo ha colpito nel 2012, un incurabile tumore ai polmoni con metastasi. Leonardo Cenci, detto Leo, che vuol fire anche leone, è uno che ama la vita e non si fa intimorire dalle avversità che nella vita a volte si incontrano specialmente quelle che la vita possono stroncarla. Leo ha anche ideato gli ”Oncology Games,” e creato ”Avanti Tutta” una associazione che vuol dare con i suoi programmi dignità ai malati di cancro e promuovere uno stile di vita sano.
  • US Open 2015. Longtime friends Vinci and Pennetta make history in N.Y. Their extraordinary game performance and subsequent remarks to the interviewers at the conclusion of their semifinal victories and the final match was such a welcome surprise that endeared them to a world wide audience who will retain in their mind, for a very long time
  • The World Cup of soccer to be played in Brazil is kicking off. I wish to use this opportunity to start a reflection on sports and children. The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) believes sport activities must be part of a healthy lifestyle to be taughts to our children so that they grow up good athletes and good members of society.
  • Un commento a caldo, ma molto razionale e condivisibile, a seguito degli avvenimenti allo Stadio Olimpico della finale di Coppa Italia del rappresentante USA del Coni - Italian National Olympic Committee