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Articles by: Tommaso Cartia

  • Armando Varricchio con i giornalisti della stampa italiana
    L'Ambasciatore d’Italia a Washington Armando Varricchio incontra per gli auguri di Natale la stampa italiana a New York. Una straordinaria occasione per riflettere insieme: "È importante seguire da vicino tutte le tessere di quella che sarà la nuova immagine dell’America e anche cercare di comprendere come il nuovo governo italiano sarà in grado di impostare un dialogo di ampio respiro diplomatico con gli States"
  • Armando Varricchio with the Italian Journalists
    Italian Ambassador in Washington, Armando Varricchio, met the Italian press in New York to wish everyone Happy Holidays. This is a great opportunity for us to reflect together: “It’s important not only to closely follow all facets of America’s new image, but also to understand how the new Italian administration will be ready to shape productive exchanges and establish fresh diplomatic ties with the United States.”
  • A più o meno un anno dalla sua apertura, questo delizioso ristorante vicino a Union Square che richiama l’atmosfera dei vicoletti dei borghi italiani, è presto diventato un rifugio ideale dalla frenetica vita newyorkese. Al Vicoletto sta continuando a stupire la sua clientela con un sorprendente calendario di eventi in continuo aggiornamento, un nuovo talentuoso chef ed un menù tutto rinnovato... stay tuned!
  • Al Vicoletto is a delicious restaurant close to Union Square that opened approximately one year ago, and it brings the charm of small Italian alleyways to the ever-chaotic New York City. The restaurant continues to amaze its clients with an ever changing and exciting calendar of surprising events, a new talented chef, a renovated menu and much more... stay tuned!
  • Furla's Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue
    Art & Culture
    Tommaso Cartia(November 22, 2016)
    After Furla’s record- breaking achievements all over the world and its breakthrough in the oriental market, the company—currently exporting to 71 countries— was in search of the perfect place to maximize its brand’s footprint in the US. A natural choice, the new flagship boutique recently opened in New York City on Fifth Avenue, the most glamorous shopping street in the world. We sat down with Scott Link, CEO of the Americas, to talk about Furla’s new adventure in the US.
  • The playbill of “La Grande Abbuffata” (The Grande Bouffe) an Italian-French production directed by Marco Ferreri (1973). Four longtime friends gather in a villa for the week- end with the express purpose of eating themselves to death. Starring Marcello Mastroianni, Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Piccoli, and Philippe Noiret
    In the Italian dietary tradition, meat has a long and articulated history with roots stretching to antiquity, in which cultural, economical and social aspects are bonded together. Therefore one can distinguish different culinary approaches to meat consuming. In the Middle Ages, the Lord's supper was rich on wild game meats while the peasants' diet was poorer-they couldn't even afford pork, then considered a rich privilege for the wealthy.
  • Is one of the most beautiful cities in the world about to lose its true identity? In his recent book ‘If Venice Dies’, the eminent Italian archaeologist and art historian Salvatore Settis tries to answer this question. On October 31st, NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò hosted an exclusive conversation with Settis and American author and journalist, Alexander Stille, who discussed all of the obstacles that Venice is currently facing.
  • A shot from the movie
    A shot from the movie
    The success of Gianfranco Rosi’s ‘Fire at Sea’ in North America doesn’t seem to stop. The impressionistic and emotionally absorbing documentary, chronicling the Mediterranean migrant crisis phenomenon afflicting the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, continues to move American audiences with its urgent and lyrically potent storytelling.