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  • Sergio Romano, storico, scrittore, giornalista e diplomatico italiano
    Quella di Sergio Romano è una delle voci più autorevoli e ascoltate nel panorama italiano. Storico, commentatore e analista politico, è stato Ambasciatore d’Italia a Mosca negli ultimi anni dell’Unione Sovietica. Interrotta, per sua scelta, la lunga carriera ai vertici della diplomazia, si è dedicato allo studio e all’insegnamento. Il suo sguardo, anche quando non si condividono le sue opinioni, è illuminante, chiarificatore, a volte anticipatore. Nella nostra intervista parliamo di America, di Europa e di Putin, a cui è dedicato il suo ultimo libro.
  • Sergio Romano, Italian writer, journalist, and historian Photo: TV 2000 Ufficio stampa
    Sergio Romano carries a lot of weight on Italian turf. The historian, political analyst and commentator served as the Italian Ambassador to Moscow at the twilight of the Soviet Union and later suspended his diplomatic career to focus on research and teaching. Even those who differ in opinion admit his viewpoint is always illuminating, informative, occasionally prophetic. We sat down with him to talk about America, Europe and the subject of his latest book: Putin
  • Christmas at the Sant'Ignazio Church in Rome
    In this holiday season little is more cherished in Italy than the Christmas crib. First created in mountainous Greccio in 1223, it is still revered and recreated every year all over Italy.
  • Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally
    Donald Trump’s electoral victory created much clamor in Italy as elsewhere. Two subjects seem to be particularly relevant to the Italian public opinion as reflected by the country’s major media outlets: the populist revolt against the establishment and the disconnection of pundits and opinion makers from the true feelings of “the ordinary people.” A cursory look at these first reactions shows both the differences and some striking similarities between the US and Italian political debates.
  • John J. LaValle, Chairman of the Suffolk County Republican Committee: “Actually, Mr. Trump is not divisive. He stands against political correctness when doing so hurts national security and our economy. In fact, under Barack Obama’s failed leadership, the United States is more divided economically and racially. Donald Trump, as President, has the fortitude to fix that.”
  • Why are so many Americans of Italian descent leaning rightward toward the candidacy of Donald J. Trump for the most powerful position in the world --- the Presidency of the United States of America? It's one of the many things about Italian Americans that makes little sense to most people, including other full and half-Italian Americans. What follows are some pretty solid speculations, and a reminder of the left-leaning history of Italian American political history.