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Letizia Airos (June 12, 2015)
Inside this edition of i-ItalyNY magazine!

“Destiny, by definition, is a

predetermined path. In the Spanish

language it simply means arrival. For

one born in Naples, destiny is over one’s

shoulder, is to come from there. Being

born and raised there depletes destiny:

wherever you go, you’ve long borne it,

half dead weight and half shield.”

— Erri De Luca

I always begin with the words of a poet. And these few words of Erri de Luca capture the sense of what goes by the name of napoletanità, which continues to be passed on and kept alive, even for those who have left Naples. Even, say, for those who have lived for years in

New York.

On the occasion of Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris’ visit to New York, i-Italy has dedicated a lot of room in this issue to the city that, despite its many contradictions, has captivated the world’s imagination for centuries. People who know it well, like me, might say that Naples and New York have a lot in common, but I’ll leave that fascinating discussion to the

following pages. In particular, be sure to check out the important “Naples in the World” project that Gennaro Matino has chosen to launch in this issue.

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If Naples is “beyond borders,” the same goes for the rest of Italy described in this issue. In

Dino Borri’s interview with Carlo Petrini, for one, the Slow Food founder discusses the new lifestyle his movement is championing around the world. And Judith Harris and Piero Galli shed light on how Expo Milan 2015, despite its several controversies, is raising issues of fundamental importance for the fate of our planet. On a slightly different note, the recently

deceased “Jewelry King” Gianmaria Buccellati demonstrates how one family can singlehandedly bring the art of Italian goldsmithing to the world’s attention. And—last but

not least—what does Renzo Piano have to say about his architectural

gems scattered around the world, including his new masterpiece, the Whitney Museum? Enjoy Stefano Albertini’s interview with the


Likewise, Fred Plotkin and Florence Mayor Dario Nardella’s conversation travels beyond the

usual confines, ranging from music to opera to the city. And Lucia Pasqualini dedicates her column on mentoring to Lucio Noto. Known in America for his business successes,

Noto is a model of leadership for young people, says Pasqualini.

Speaking of young people, we attended the annual gala at Scuola fd’Italia, where there’s something special cooking for the future of Italy in New York. And while I’m

looking forward and back, another gala worth mentioning was held by the NIAF, whose increasingly freshfaced leadership established an award this year in honor of Mario

Cuomo. His son, Governor Andrew Cuomo, gave a touching and unforgettable speech that night.

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Take a look at the table of contents, there’s a lot more. As for me, I will end my brief summary of what’s inside by pointing out our report on the first conference regarding the Mediterranean diet as well as our backstage look at the Sofi Awards held at the headquarters of Specialty Food with Francine Segan.

As always, the Summer Fancy Food Show will take place in June in New York, but this year’s main sponsor is Italy.

Dulcis in fundo, have a happy 2nd of June—Republic Day in Italy! Our Consul General Natalia Quintavalle tells us what to expect in our “Events” section, which includes— as usual—a calendar with a complete list of Italian happenings in the city.

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Many of the articles inside have a QR code you can scan to watch videos on your smartphone, but don’t forget that i-Italy is also on television (every Saturday @ 11.30pm and Sundays @1pm on NYC Life - Ch 25), online (i-italy. org)—and on Twitter and Facebook!

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