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  • Op-Eds
    Aileen Riotto Sirey(November 09, 2016)
    A heartfelt comment by the Founder and Chair Emerita of the National Organization of Italian American Women. "For me the most disturbing characteristic of this campaign was Trump’s attitude toward women. He seems to see them as objects, not as individuals in their own right...less intelligent, inferior creatures subject to the convenience and entertainment of men like him. He ran against one of the smartest most knowledgeable women in this country, a woman arguably better trained and prepared for the job than any man ever to place his hand on that iconic bible. It’s sad to see that sexism is still very much alive."
  • Life & People
    Maria Rita Latto(August 06, 2008)
    Silvio Berlusconi and women are constantly under the microscope. This time, though, it is not a woman in person, even if rumors keep spreading as usual...