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  • On 2nd Saturday, December 12, IAWA will premiere its first Student Partners Reading featuring recent graduates from New Jersey City University (NJCU): Cassandra Casella, Chloe DeFilippis and Angelica Roman. IAWA plans to make this an ongoing program to foster mentor relationships and encourage young writers to read out loud.
  • A conversation with Alexander Stille and translators Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani to celebrate the release of Antonio Tabucchi’s short story collection "Time Ages in a Hurry, translated and published in English for the first time
  • Southern-Italian American students have (albeit very limited) opportunity to study female representations in Italian Renaissance literature and in Italian American literature. However, there is virtually no opportunity to study female literary representations during the post-Risorgimento period when the northern dominated Italian government was exporting southern-Italian women by the millions in an effort to support Italy’s economy with American wages sent back to Italy. Accordingly, there is no opportunity to study the evolution of female literary representations from the onset of the Great Migration such as the “Scapigliatura” genre (e.g. the anti-bellesima “Fosca”) down to present day Italian American writers such as Lisa Scottoline.
  • On the occasion of "Rai Fiction Week 2010", and as part of a promotional initiative dedicated to the beauties of Italy, the Italian Government Tourist Board with Rome City Council and Lazio Regional Council organized "Toccata e fuga", an event featuring a mobile set of shows taking place on January 21 (12:00 pm) at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue. The public will be guided in an imaginary journey through the culture and the streets of Rome. Zeffirelli's "Homage to Rome" was screened during the press conference organized on January 19 at RAI's headquarters in New York to present the 4th Edition of the festival.